Design/built characteristics

Circuits based on proven power amp designs

Output transformer hand-made, wound on
double-bobbins for precision push-pull power

Combination of selected vintage
NOS vintage and
selected modern components and materials (including
Pure Copper Foil paper-in-oil coupling capacitors)

High voltage rectification using a pair of damper diode

High voltage filtering using choke and
OIL-filled capacitors, no electrolytic capacitors except
cathode bypass

Custom-made Gnostic-Tech RCA sockets and other

Meticulous hard wiring using hand-made components
tag-boards which are made of heat-resistant, very
tough synthetic fiber boards

Operating AC voltage :
110 - 120 VAC or 220 - 240VAC (factory set)

Output : 1, 2, 4, 8, 16 or 32 ohms speaker load
(factory set)
The BLACK  'Premier' power amplifiers
Vacuum tubes used

KT66 (or EL34) in triode mode - 2 for each monobloc
6SN7 (or ECC33) triode - phase-splitting, 1 for each monobloc
EF37A pentrode - gain amplification, 1 for each monobloc
6AU4GA damper diode - rectification, 2 for each monobloc
Gnostic Technology
The Black 'Premier' is a push-pull power
amplifier, based on a pair of triode-connected
KT66. The most significant is a double-bobbin
winded output transformer that ensures
accurate formation of amplified sound waves
in a push-pull amplification, plus a seriously
hard-wired internal of the amplifier.

It is modelled after a proven circuit design and
outputs 12 watts per channel, sufficient for
driving small to medium sized monitoring
loudspeakers, such as the BBC LS3/5A, to
give the best!
Our products are manufactured with heart

Owners of The BLACK 'Premier' enjoy 24 months' carry-in, free of charge repair service. See Warranty.
High precision output transformer wound on a double-bobbin
The Oil Capacitor Blocks (4uF/ 20uF/ 20uF) and Components
as used in The BLACK 'Premier' are available for sale
as replacement parts for the restoration/repair of vintage British
amplifiers LEAK TL12.1 and TL25A. (
Non-polar oil filled capacitors for the power supply**
Hand-made components tag-board**