Gnostic Technology

1. Owners of The BLACK power amplifiers (the product) enjoys 24 months' carry-in, free of charge repair service
from the date of purchase of the product.

2. During the warranty period and provided that the product was used under
normal conditions, the owner will be
entitled to the repair service of the product and replacement of parts (
but excluding any vacuum tubes) free of charge
arising from defects in the materials and workmanship of the product (fair wear and tear excepted). In the following
circumstances Gnostic Technology shall exercise its discretion to determine whether to charge a service fee and/or a
cost for any parts replaced, or not to carry out the repair work :

2.1) Where valid purchase record or receipted invoice are not presented;

2.2) Where the damage was caused by abusive use of the product, not in line with the user manual such as
very poor ventilation, inappropriate vacuum tubes, etc.;

2.3) Where damage was caused by alteration of parts (electronic components, transformers, etc.) and/or by
modification of the amplifier circuit by person(s) other than authorized by Gnostic Technology;

2.4) Where damage was caused by repair carried out by an agent not authorized by Gnostic Technology or by
the customer himself / herself; and

2.5) Where damage was caused by accidental damage including dropping, water damage, fire, inappropriate
AC voltage, etc..